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Retail is going through a period of radical change. However, change doesn’t need to be hard. Through Ziplining your store communication, you can move teams faster, be more productive and have greater visibility into your organization. It’s a painless way to coordinate your online and in-store activities, align your teams and execute in real time.

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Cut the clutter

Make it easy for anyone to know what needs to get done. Streamline all those emails, sharepoint documents, newsletter content and intranet articles into one simple to use place that’s accessible anywhere. From the backroom to the boardroom to the salesfloor, every individual can find what they need.

Make it easy to execute

Simplify what people see so that it’s specific and personalized to them. Why should a store manager in Canada be distracted by what’s going on in the US? Messages, reminders and content that are targeted to different groups makes it easy for everyone to know what they need to do.

We make content easy to skim, organize and prioritize so that nothing gets missed. Oh, and we do it in a fun way too. Ease of use and a touch of fun is one of the things our customers love about us.

Get actionable insights

Get real time data on how programs are performing and being executed in stores. You have your pulse on sales and traffic numbers, but do you know how many of your stores executed initiatives? (Hint, the industry average for store execution is just 29%)

Gain more insight into your business and trends. View dynamic and easy to use reporting to identify bright spots and opportunities. Roll up views at a store, district, region and zone level ensures accountability throughout the fleet. Everyone knows what they need to do, when they need to do it, and why.

Achieve more with less

Search that actually works, drag and drop files, automated reminders, embedded videos and images are just some of the things we obsess about to help you get your job done easier, better and faster. Whether you’re a store manager that needs to keep track of who read the message, a District Manager that’s always on the road, an executive who needs execution information at a glance, or a store communications manager publishing late messages, we will make your job easier. Promise. Try us out and you’ll see why.

Information any place, any time

We’re iPhone, tablet, and mobile device friendly out of the box (and yes, we do work on those few old backroom computers as well ). Wherever you are and whichever device you’re on, we’ll keep track of where you’re at so you have peace of mind.

Zipline: the effective store communication and operations solution that everyone loves. Really.