Our pricing philosophy

Consistent store execution is a result of teamwork and clear communication. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, at the same time, and no one misses a beat, our pricing is per store. You shouldn't have to pick and choose if "Bill" or "Cathy" sees the information. We want to give you great software that delivers amazing results your teams love.

If you’re just interested in engaging your upper-field leaders, we charge per upper-field leader. We don't charge for HQ, Visual, LP, Recruiting, and all the supporting users. We agree, they should always be on the same page.

Zipline is an investment in your customer’s experience, your employee's engagement, and your company's communication. We built this company because we CARE about giving retailers like yourself amazing tools to deliver on your goals. We strive to be an amazing partner -- From releasing helpful new features; to providing in-app training; to our friendly support.

We set our pricing at a level that allows us to invest in building the best product, and more importantly, deliver on the promise of an amazing partnership.

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