Thousands of happy customers are using Zipline.

Here are a few reasons why…

Work is now a breeze!

We’re simple to use and easy to implement for everyone (we’re also looking at you, store communicators!)

Unanimously across the board there was overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone about the ease of the Zipline implementation. From Operations and executive teams in HQ, to IT, to Upper Field and stores, everyone has had a great experience. Even better, we’ve seen a visible difference in acceptance and execution in stores.

— Director, Product Management Stores and Omni-channel Customer Care

I’d like you to know that I published an urgent message at 6am this morning…

On my iPhone

While still laying in bed.

**(Sound of chorus of angels)

— Director, Store Communications/Operations

I checked in with all the Store Managers this morning on our Regional Call and all the feedback was overwhelming positive! Our RD is loving it also!

— Manager, BR/EU Communications

They get things done.

We make it easy to execute and ensure no one misses a beat — even during the craziest of peak periods.

Thank you! Loving the simplicity of Zipline and the level of accountability it allows me to have with the team. How awesome is that I can access it at any time and always know the priorities for the day in advance!

— Store Manager, Athens Georgia

What is this magical thing? I love it. It’s a time saver by far. It makes everything easier.

— District Manager, New England

It helps me know if I’m on top of it and what I need to know and do every day. I can now react much quicker.

— Senior Store Manager, Northern California

Zipline has helped a lot with communication. This gives us the tools to talk to each other and not miss anything from the company or a team member.

— Store Manager

WOW – love this. The ease and simplicity is very helpful to sort through communications that impact my role.

— Senior Manager, Field Human Resources

They know what's happening.

We have intuitive and actionable reporting so that everyone knows what they need to do, and why.

Makes it easier to hold leadership teams accountable and eliminates the need to hand-hold.

— District Manager, Southeast

Just wanted to let you know that the reporting is working out FABULOUSLY! OMG, it’s made my life so much easier.

— Visual Market Manager, Los Angeles

Love the feature of being able to know that tasks were or were not completed! This has been helpful today after being out of the store for a couple of days. It is also helpful to who completed it by their name being shown.

— Store Manager, Swansea, MA

They're on the move.

We make it easy to access information anywhere; whether you’re in the backroom, boardroom, or glancing at your phone while on the go.

Zipline daily emails [are] changing my life :smile:. Loving how mobile they are.

— Loss Prevention Manager, West Zone

I love it! So much easier to get everything in one place including supporting documentation.

— Sr. District Manager, Sacramento

LOVE LOVE LOVE Zipline!! Thank you :smiley:!!

— Store Manager, Las Vegas

I love this!!! It’s so easy to use and read. I am so much more informed now!

— Sr. Director, West Zone

Zipline: the effective store communication and operations solution that everyone loves. Really.