Amazon’s Next Challenge: Retail Communications

In June, Whole Foods shareholders voted to advance Amazon’s acquisition of the grocery store chain. Since then, the news has been flooded with coverage about different retail communication steps taken, such as reduced prices, Amazon branding in store, and displays of the Amazon Echo. 

What has been missing in many conversations is the question of how Amazon will run the in-store execution in its fleet of 456 stores. Amazon is known for its distribution networks, inventory, and data. Its acquisition of Whole Foods shows its vested interest in having a physical retail presence. In addition, it also highlights how complex it can be to run brick-and-mortar locations. Retail execution requires expertise in store communications, in-store execution and store team engagement – aspects Amazon is only beginning to learn. 

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How To Train Your Seasonal Workforce to Ensure Holiday Success

With the rise of online shopping and the pressure of the busiest time of year coming around, retailers are finding ways to offer unique and memorable shopping experiences to customers both online and offline.

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Why Investing in Employee Engagement is the key to Great In-Store Execution

Employee engagement is one of the key factors that keep turnover low. It’s these engaged employees that lead to great execution.

If ‘low employee turnover’ isn’t one of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring the success of your retail store, it should be! Implementing measures to attract and keep the best employees will not only increase customer satisfaction and boost sales, but will lower the time and money you invest in recruiting, training, and monitoring employee performance. Here we outline ways you can attract, train and retain the best employees, and avoid the staggering costs of high employee turnover.

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5 Steps To Better Store Communication

Ever send out a text and not receive a response? Did you find yourself staring at the screen for some reassurance that it was received and read?

Well, you’re not alone: retailers around the globe experience the same frustration with their store communications. From promos and markdowns to a higher frequency of new products, things are constantly changing for store leaders. In an increasingly changing retail landscape, it’s no wonder why retailers are testing new initiatives to keep teams responsive, engaged, and accountable in an effort to always better their in-store execution.

Effective communication is critical for store execution, which has a corresponding lift in sales, employee engagement, and store compliance. We asked top retailers such as Banana Republic and Levis what are the most effective ways to improve store communications and found 5 main themes that emerged.

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